Online Scheduling 2017 for the AMC Clinical examinations February to April 2017 opened last Wednesday (2 November). In order to schedule for these examinations, candidates were required to log into their AMC candidate portal and register for a clinical examination and complete the online payment to confirm the placement in the examination.

During this process, the AMC ICT team identified an issue with an extremely high volume of candidates (1,800 hits) accessing the candidate portal. This high volume led to the crash of the server and resulted in many candidates receiving an error message. A number of candidates who secured an examination placement were timed out during the server crash and, as a consequence, were unable to complete the payment and subsequently lost their placement.

The ICT team have identified those candidates who had secured a placement but encountered issues completing the process and securing their clinical examination placement. To ensure that these candidates have not been disadvantaged, the AMC has opened additional AMC clinical examinations places and has individually contacted the candidates involved in order to offer placements in these additional examinations.

The AMC has also undertaken a major investigation of the server and ICT issues and is developing strategies to ensure that these difficulties do not occur in the future.

The AMC appreciates the distress that this incident has caused many candidates and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience that resulted from the systems failure.

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