Medical graduates all over the world desire to work in Australia. As the country is well established for medical services, the medical professionals have bright prospects with AMC examination. However, a nonresident or a non-qualified person might face a lot of problems to get registered in Australia. Obtaining the medical registration for international medical graduates after AMC exam is indeed tough in Australia and therefore Medacs Healthcare solves the need in the best manner.

Getting yourself the medical visa becomes easier after the Australian Medical Council exam as medical authorities and government are ready to help you through the complex AMC questions of medical registration in Australia.

Qualifications of the seeker and the Australian Medical Council exam preparation!

When looking for jobs in the Australian Medical Council front, your competence is of utmost priority. One must have a certified degree and experience to be able to approach the Australian authorities for a medical visa. Therefore, AMC exam preparation is needed for securing a degree in medical front, completing the internship and thereafter having at least 2 years of working experience to match with the needs of the registration process.

The candidate must have acquired their medical knowledge from a comparable AMC MCQ medical institution of the countries like UK, South Africa, US, Hong Kong, Singapore etc and have a clean chit of their work history along with relevant experience. For international medical graduates, it is also necessary to clear the English Language requirements for the Australian medical exam.

Immigration process

There are a lot of works to be done before securing a job as a doctor in Australia. Some of the insights are:

  1. Register with Medacs Healthcare to get a position after AMC preparation

Medacs Healthcare helps you find a suitable job in Australia, which matches with your profile. They take your CV, work history, criminal historical check etc to apply to the best of Medical Centers in Australia to land at your suitable job. This is followed by a letter of appointment.

  1. Get a medical registration on MCQ exam

The registration to work as a medical associate in Australia depends on the position that you apply for. The general practitioners, specialist and non-specialists all have different application forms and the thus different process of registering themselves.

  1. Sponsorship through AMC exam preparation course

When you have a sponsorship for a job you have received the registration form, the need is to state the same in the application that you make along with the details of the family members who are going to shift along with you. The sponsorship has the details and hence the registration should include that too.

  1. Visa Application

Once your medical registration and sponsorship are done you can start with your Visa Application. This includes stating your current position and details along with your prospective opportunities for which you are required to move to Australia. This is the most crucial stage where all the documents, criminal history, etc are checked with presence. Once you get the visa you are clear off the process.

  1. Enter Australia

Medacs Healthcare with taking care of all the help you need from the registration application to the time you enter Australia. Your Visa shall enable you to stay in the country till the visa is valid. This allows you to work as Asian doctor in Australia.

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