Australian Medical Council is an autonomous body which controls the standards of medical education and training of professionals and students in Australis. The working is a bit similar to other governing bodies like USLMA in the USA and other regions. What AMC does is that it is responsible to check the certain credibility in the medical field of Australia about the medical students at the initial level of their medical route. It is required for all medical students from all over the world to take an entrance exam in order to score eligibility for studying in Australia in a medical college or any medical institution.

This exam basically consists of a number of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and the number of questions varies every year according to the pattern of the exam. These MCQs are A-type MCQs and an individual taking the AMC MCQ exam must correctly answer these MCQs in order to secure a seat. In case of an individual???s failure to do so, will lead to result recorded as fail.

You must read some basic requirements and learn from common mistakes made by students in the past. Following are the critical questions raised by readers.

Rescheduling or canceling of Exam:

It all depends on you and everybody have a right to change or cancel MCQ examination event or venue selection before the event closing date. But there is attached to the availability like if there is a seat available in the preferred venue. As per international standards, no applications for cancellation or rescheduling will be accepted after the closing date. If you do not cancel or reschedule before the closing date you will not be able to claim your authorization and payment.

What are the Exceptional Circumstances?

The AMC will accept a cancellation of an authorization only in exceptional circumstances which are the following:

  • Some sort of critical situation such as a medical illness or injury which prevents a candidate from sitting in MCQ examination. The time period does matter and within their 12-month authorization period, he/she has to submit the application. This request should be attached with documentary evidence in the form of a medical certificate.
  • One is also exempted if there is a case of domestic circumstances which prevents a candidate from sitting an MCQ examination within their 12-month authorization period. Here again, the candidate has to provide documentary evidence in the form of a statutory declaration. One can also provide an affidavit stating why you are unable to sit in the MCQ examination.

Documents for identity Requirements:

If you are going to appear in the AMC exam, you must have to provide two forms of identity (ID) documentation to enter the examination venue:

  • The primary identity document must contain your??photograph (blue or white background) and signature written on your passport.
  • The secondary identity document must contain your??signature.

You will be required to present your ID documentation at reception before going to appear in the exam. In case you are not able to provide these documents, it may result in your being denied entry to the examination. One more important question is you must complete the biometrics process to confirm your identification. This is really important and no one is allowed to sit in the examination room until the process is complete. The biometrics procedure steps are:

  • You provide the required primary and secondary ID documentation (mentioned above).
  • Testing center staff check your ID documentation so that to provide you a seat.
  • From responsible testing center staff, someone will capture your signature and verify that signatures match with previous documents.
  • One of the testing center staff captures your photograph.
  • Testing center staff will guide you to the examination room and provide you the seat for AMC MCQ exam.

Conclusive Point:

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