Every medical student today dreams of being a doctor in Australia! The high-class health sector, growth opportunities and ultra-modern life definitely calls every professional there. However, securing a doctor’s position in any of the Australian hospitals or clinics isn’t easy for the international medical graduates. All of the medical graduates who want to be a part of the Australian Medical Council need to pass the AMC examination, which by far is one of the toughest exams to clear. Hence, here are some AMC exam preparation tips one might consider for the best result of their efforts.

  1. 1 year Clinical working Experience

Nothing helps you as much as some practical experience does. When you are preparing for the AMC examinations, the practical knowledge is going to serve as the base of your knowledge and make it easy for you to grab the subjects better. The working experience puts the theories into practice thus making the topics much more relatable and understood.

  1. The book references for varied subjects

Not all books suit all types of students but there are certain reference books which one must make use of to secure good marks. Some books to refer invariably are:

  • Main text book: do take in the main concepts and pointers from the John Murtagh 5th Edition book as it shall help you refine your learning and remember it well.
  • Paediatric Guideline: the RCH is the best Paediatric guideline to refer along with the books you might be learning. Remember that one book reference is not going to fetch good score.
  • Surgery Text Book: For the surgery text book one can refer to Scott being a renowned pick for the doctors since ages.
  • AMC II part exam: There are a range of clinical handbooks available to be studies and solved by the students to clear the AMC exam. This handbook has all that a student needs for the part II.
  1. Past papers and mock tests

Every student needs to solve a lot of questions papers before appearing for the final one to be able to score good in exams. The past papers and mock test papers serve as the basis for the knowhow of the AMC questions and answers as well as teach the students to function well with time and quick response so that they make the most of their knowledge in the 3.5 hours allowed to them in the examination center.

  1. Guidance from the past students

It is always good to interact with the past students and know about their experience to better prepare for the AMC examinations. The tips and tricks, personal experiences, insights of problems faced etc are all addressed well when you know about them before hand. Therefore make personal contacts with some past students and get a little help and guidance from them to best appear for your examination.

  1. Take online help from Prepengo!

www.prepengo.com serves as a ready module for the students preparing for the AMC examinations to help them with the reference modules, study materials, practice papers etc. This helps in studying from anywhere you are and connect with experts 24*7. Therefore ensuring that you have help anytime of the day for your doubts.

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