Australian Medical Council or otherwise known as AMC is a board which controls or handles the standards of education and training of medical profession. Basically, what AMC does is that it takes test and a certain credibility in medical field of Australia. It is required for every medical student to take an exam in order to score an eligibility for studying in Australia and for that a credible AMC Preparation is required.

AMC Exam

The AMC exam consists a number of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), 150 questions to be exact. These 150 MCQs are A-type MCQs. And an individual giving this AMC exam must correctly answer these MCQs in order to pass. In case of individual’s failure to do so, will lead to result recorded as Fail.

Prepengo offers a free test AMC exam, you may try it if you are interested in learning how the MCQs are structured. There are 120 scored items, and 30 pilot items. And the student shall correctly answer at least these 120 scored items. Since, they are crucial for the board to assess your credibility for admissions in Australian Medical Institutions.

 AMC Preparation

AMC exam preparation can be excruciating for a medical student. And amc exam books are almost never that helpful, it takes too much of time for a student to completely finish amc exam books. There is no problem with amc exam books as such, however, it must be kept in mind that they are not an efficient way for AMC preparation.

Since, they get printed once and AMC exam curriculum keeps getting updated. So, it is also not a good investment to buy a new book everytime the Australian medical Council exam, or AMC exam curriculum is updated.

So, what might be the best way for amc exam preparation? What makes it efficient for an individual to start amc preparation and finish amc preparation? Answer is plain and right in front of you. An online amc preparation assessment and learning platform, prepengo.

As mentioned above in order to learn how AMC MCQ exams work or how are they structured prepengo offers a trial AMC MCQs exam, which can give you an insight on AMC preparation. And you can get a direction on how you may start. Along with amc preparation, prepengo also provides information and credible sources to help you for your amc preparation.