Is Vaccine Enough to Socialize Again?

The introduction of COVID vaccinations has caused enthusiasm and hope for an immediate end to the global pandemic and others saw the shot as a "free pass" for socialisation, much as before 2020. Experts say not so quickly. Although scientists believe that it is time to identify the extent of protection that the current vaccines offer and to keep us from distributing the virus, they are aware that the end of the pandemic. Experts expect mask mandates, caps on collections and steps of physical removal to proceed as more of [...]

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Things You Need to Know For Studying Medicines in USA

Every year, more than 40,000 students enroll at medical schools in the US to obtain some 20,000 open positions. A medical degree begins at the postgraduate level in America because it is important to graduate with a bachelor's degree first in order to qualify for medical education. If you wish to learn medicine in the United States, continue reading. You will find out which are the best medical schools in the United States, what you will study when you take medical classes and a few reasons why becoming a physician [...]

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How to become a Specialized Doctor in Canada?

The main tasks in front of Doctors??are to provide analyses, treatments, and counseling to individuals with illnesses, diseases, or injuries. Also, they are responsible for the emotions of a patient in a critical situation. Besides this other responsibilities include probing patients, collecting patient info, performing diagnostic tests, and discussing test results. If we have a look at the duties of Physicians, they fall into two main categories:??medical doctors (M.D.)??and??doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.). Both types of doctors are able to engage or treat patients, but D.O.s might also use some [...]

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Australian Medical Council Exam for 2020

Australian Medical Council is an autonomous body which controls the standards of medical education and training of professionals and students in Australis. The working is a bit similar to other governing bodies like USLMA in the USA and other regions. What AMC does is that it is responsible to check the certain credibility in the medical field of Australia about the medical students at the initial level of their medical route. It is required for all medical students from all over the world to take an entrance exam in order [...]

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Medical Board of Australia approved AMC-Revised Accreditation

This news was heard in the last few years that AMC is providing accreditation to medical colleges and re-accreditation to previous institutions. Recently Medical Board of Australia approved AMC-revised accreditation standards. With proper knowledge and a period of consultation, the board has completed its review of the accreditation standards for specialist medical programs. In this process, continuing professional development programs are also included. The AMC thanks the individuals and organizations who have submitted comments on this draft and make things easier for further evaluation. This process is based on particular [...]

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AMC collaboration with ECFMG

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is ready and looking for collaborating with different organizations to facilitate the medical students. Recently we heard news about the collaboration with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). The main purpose of this MOU is to enhance the primary source verification of medical processes for international medical graduates (IMGs). The number of students applying for registration to practice medicine in Australia is increasing with each passing day. Since the last two years, this thing was under discussion and now the AMC released its [...]

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CAT and the AMC MCQ Exam

While you're preparing for your AMC MCQ Exams, it is better to understand prior that how does this exam work? This is a CAT-based Exam, to enhance the results & to effectively assess the capacity of every individual candidate. What is CAT? ??A Computer Adaptive Test is a type of PC based test organization. In this kind of test, every candidate takes a remarkable, tweaked examination. Research over the previous years has confirmed the comparison between CAT and written tests. Whereas the CAT does not need as much as a [...]

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Tips to Excel in AMC Examination

Growth opportunities with ultra-modern life in a high-class health sector are attracting medical professional to Australia. However, securing a position in any of the Australian clinic or hospital isn???t east at all for International Medical Graduates. All of the IMGs willing to be a part of AMC must need to pass the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Examination, which is so far the toughest medical exam to clear. We???ve gathered a couple of tips for you which might help you in passing the AMC exam. A year of Clinical Working Experience [...]

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AMC Clinical Examinations Dates and Venues 2018

The dates for the Australian Medical Council Clinical Examination August-December 2018 has been announced and the scheduling for these exams starts from 29th May 2018. Due to the increased demand for clinical examination places than the available places for the clinical examination, the Australian Medical Council will be scheduling the exams on the below ranking system; Based on the number of candidates who applied previously for the Australian Medical Council clinical examination & pass rates at those examinations, not less than 50% of the available clinical examination places will be [...]

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Simple Tips for AMC MCQ Preparation to Pass Exam

The AMC MCQ examination is a comprehensive examination of medical knowledge and practice. The AMC suggests that candidates should undertake a review of the major topics covered in the examination. The overall goal of basic medical education is defined by the AMC as follows: "to develop junior doctors who possess attributes that will ensure that they are competent to practice safely and effectively as interns in Australia or New Zealand, and that they have an appropriate foundation for lifelong learning and for further training in any branch of medicine." There [...]

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