The Australian Medical Council has devised certain rules for the International Immigrants to enter into Australian Hospitals as positioned doctors. Therefore the students are barred from working in the hospitals as long as they don???t clear the AMC examinations and hired. However, there are certain leniency directed towards the students for ensuring that students get the expertise and knowledge while not suffering from a time gap between passing the examinations and securing a job. The house job criteria is one such option that medical students can opt for when they are into the process of clearing AMC examinations.

The format of AMC examinations

Australian Medical Council exam is held in two parts i.e. part I and Part II. The part I being the most critical and toughest one for the students involves most of the theoretical coverage and a full-fledged grip on the degree. The part II consists of the clinical experience where the student needs to adhere to the practical experience and pass the exam with practical insights. is one website that students can refer to for the complete guidance for the process and preparations for the AMC examinations.

The House job criteria after AMC

Australian Medical Council has devised an easy means for the students to start working early and better. This is possible with the help of a schedule, which permits the students to join for a house job when they have successfully cleared the part I AMC examinations. Having passed through the first stage of the examination qualifies the students to at least join some organization or hospital and work as an intern, house staff or even an assistant to the junior doctors as these jobs give them a proper experience into the working of the hospitals while not letting them handle anything complex. Therefore, the students instead of moving to Australia and sitting idle while preparing for the Part II of the exam and searching for the right job can apply to the hospitals for house job criteria and start with their career.

Requirements for the house job after AMC

For joining as a house job staff after AMC part I the students need to be assessed with their degrees and obtain a pass certificate citing that they have cleared AMC part I. The documents are assessed once again and then the hospitals recognize their potential for probable jobs. However one should understand that not all; hospitals allow the house jobs to students who have half cleared the exams and they are likely to get jobs in limited places only.

Moving to Australia for the house jobs

AMC examinations are held online in all the recognized countries where the Australia Medical Council hires medical graduates from. However to be able to find a job in Australia under the house job criteria after AMC one needs to apply for the VISA of Australia and find for themselves suitable places to stay so that they can work with the hospitals here. This is possible only when the graduates already have an offer letter from a recognized institute.

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