If your dream is being a part of the Australian doctor society you must inform yourself how to become one of them. We could help you in achieving your life goal simply by advising you how to make your aspiration into reality.

Australian Medical Council (AMC) exam preparation is consisted of few general steps. Prepengo is a platform which helps you understanding the process and familiarize closely on the subject. Initially, you will find suggested books there that could assist your knowledge and skills as well as in understanding the AMC Exam preparation tests on the official AMC website.

AMC exam online preparation books could be purchased from their online store. The keynotes in the books are having subheadings from proper subject that makes the studying activity much easier. Our web application Prepengo, can help you with given list of thousands of questions with full-length explanation and references cover all the topics mentioned in the AMC exam. In addition, explanation point is precise and clear.

Prepengo offers you an access to a quality AMC MCQs question bank which will help you realize methods of examining important medical topics. Questions have total and complete clarifications about the real test exam. This question bank is created for candidates and it will teach them about the main points needed for the AMC exam.?? Next step included in the AMC Exam preparation part is the test form.

The official AMC Exam will provide you with a test with multiple choice questions type A. This means that you have one correct answer from five given options. This is a computer adaptive test with total 150 questions. Passing the exam means you should have score above 120. Below that border you will demonstrate insufficient guidance and the result will be stated as ???Fail- Insufficient data to obtain result???.?? For more information you will explore AMC MCQ examination ??? user???s guide.

MCQ trial examination is another part from preparation process that you must appraise. This test comprises of 50 multiple choice questions taken from the book, found in AMC online store, called Handbook of Multiple Choice Question. The level of the exam is set at the rank of a graduated Australian medical student. There are necessary conditions for the MCQ trial examination:

  • person who takes the test must resolve it in proper time, more exactly within 83 minutes
  • once a person opens the browser window he can???t close it
  • One can???t press pause if the examination process has already started. If you want to proceed this test, you must pay additional 25 $ AUD.

AMC exam preparation course is something that you might require. You must know that AMC doesn???t certify these additional and individual bridging programs. Prepengo is key information that serves for you to check if your qualifications match the requirements.

We wish you a good luck with taking your AMC exam and a pleasant stay in this amazing country.

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