Australian Medical Council is considered as one of the best medical centers in the world attracting a lot of medical entrants each year. The doctors here are famous for the modern technology bent and the niche to curb out the best of medical assistance for everyone. Therefore, professionals after passing the medical graduation seek for a job in Australia. These medical graduates have many international immigrants, which no matter how hard to secure a place in the country, try to pass the Australian medical council exam and take on a job in Australia. However, there are certain guidelines to be kept in mind while applying for the AMC exam and one of the major things is the IELTS requirement.

IELTS Band score needed

Any doctor passing the medical graduation needs to secure at least a 7.5 score to be able to apply for a position in Australian medical exam. This is inclusive of the condition that the student must not score below seven in any of the parts of the test. Therefore, the AMC MCQ exam cannot be taken until and unless you do, your academics well and score at least a 7.5. The doctors have a tough time with the writing task 1 in the IELTS exams, which adversely affects their overall performance.

Areas to pay attention to for AMC preparation

The doctors apart from their regular academics must also pay attention to the AMC exam preparation for scoring high IELTS band score. This includes taking vocabulary lessons, concentrating on the writing part and also working on the verbal skills. Australian medical council exam preparation must be accompanied with skills to best represent the knowledge they hold, and so the passing of the exams become easier.

IELTS exemption for AMC MCQ exam

MCQ exam has a written rule for the applying candidates to secure about 7.5 scores in the IELTS exam to be able to proceed with the applications. However, it isn’t possible for the conditions to be complied by each and every candidate. Therefore there are exemptions granted to special situations to accommodate more number of students apply for the jobs in Australia and give them a chance. The application for AMC MCQ preparation must provide proof to be granted the exemptions:

  • That the applicant did undertake and complete their Secondary Education in English and that too in one of the listed countries where the English were the first and the native language.
  • That the applicant’s tertiary qualifications in respect to the professional disciple were carried on in English and that too in one of the listed countries where English was the first and the native language.
  • That the considered countries whose English is accepted as the Native English language or the first language are one of the following:
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • The United States of America
    • United Kingdom
    • The Republic of Ireland
    • Canada

All the applicants are accepted to take the exemption to the IELTS score if they prove that their application complies with the AMC questions, AMC examination and the rules of exemption as framed by the AMC board.

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