Australian Medical Council(AMC) recognizes only the doctors who are good in their field and strive to work hard in delivering the most of the healthcare services. As part of getting entry into the Australian territory and working as a doctor here, thousands of international candidates look out for opportunities and the right path to the easy entrance. But there isn’t any way apart from the regular AMC exam and the job searches which one needs to do with their talent, hard work and dedication. So as soon as you are done with the AMC exam preparation the next step is to apply for the jobs in Australia. The crucial part which is getting difficult by the day!

The doctor’s positions in Australia

When an International Medical Graduate applies for the Australian Medical Council Examination, they are mostly concerned about the job opportunities in Australia. After completing their AMC MCQ exam they try to work with placement agencies and look up for jobs in their relevant positions. The positions for doctors available are mostly the specialists and non-specialists which have their own set of criteria which need to be met. The good news is that people can today opt for the online recruitment process and stay in touch with the placement agencies online so as to be updated by the clock and apply as fast as they can.

The changing scenario of AMC exams and placements

Earlier searching for a medical office position in Australia wasn’t as tough as it is today. After having cleared the Australian medical council exam one has a tough time dealing with the recruitment. The online recruitment starts as early as June-July and keeps going till October-November to accommodate more number of students. The students need to be active in the country for this stretch to be present for the interview and secure a job. Therefore making it tough to survive the days during placements!

The rising cost of jobs after Australian Medical exam part 1

It is the costs that we incur during the struggle period that hurts the most. And when applying for the AMC jobs the need is to stay in the country for a stretch of 6 months in search of a call for interview and placement. Given that you at least shall need $500-$600 per month for survival here, it becomes a pretty expensive affair for international appliers. The key is that you might get a job on the very next day or never ever!

The Australian Websites for jobs

Australian Government, as well as private placement agencies, have all set up quite a lot of portals for applying online and helping you find the job as fast as possible. The most popular amongst these are:

One can definitely look up for the vacant positions online and search for the best vacancy matching their profile after Australian Medical Council exam preparation to apply and secure their job in Australia. The visa applications and tickets shall come next to get an offer letter.

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