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Question 1:

A 5-year-old girl presents with recurrent seizures. The seizures usually occur at night and are witnessed by her parents. Clinical examination reveals an area of roughed skin lumbar spine what is the most likely diagnosis?

A) Homocystinuria

B) Herpes simplex encephalitis

C) Acute promyelocytic leukemia

D) Tuberous sclerosis

E) Neurofibromatosis

Question 2:

An 18-year-old boy attended ED with abdominal pain that radiates from umbilicus to Rt. lower quadrant of the abdomen, since 2 hrs. He told that he didn’t feel like eating since morning and that he vomited thrice before coming to ED. On examination, his temperature was 39 degrees, BP 120/80 and pulse 90 /min. Local examination revealed a soft abdomen with rebound tenderness in right iliac region .most probably diagnosis in this case is:

A) Crohns disease

B) Renal colic


D) Gastroenteritis

E) Appendicitis

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