Being a medical graduate from anywhere in the world, applying for a certified position in Australia is one of the moves that medical students make today. The Australian Medical Council recognizes the potential of medical students and welcomes them to be a part of team of doctors in Australia through the AMC examinations. The AMC examinations serves as the primary scanning of the students from all over in regards to their knowledge, expertise and practical experience! However, not everyone gets a job after securing a good score in the AMC examinations. Some medical graduates wait for years and still are not able to find a suitable job while others get it in a day. So what is it that the students should do after having passed the AMC? Here is all you need to know!

What AMC Helps you Achieve?

When you have cleared both the parts of the AMC examination i.e. the Part I and II with good score, you stand eligible to work in Australia. This ensures that you can now get a work visa and start practicing in Australia under the guidance of a senior doctor. The position that you can be allotted depends on your profile. Therefore, even though you are eligible you are required to join under some specialist and not practice on your own. AMC exam clearance is your eligibility to work in Australia as a doctor.

Why don???t all the AMC passed students get jobs in Australia?

Given the students applying for the AMC examinations each year and the ratio of students passing with good score, it is pretty difficult for the Australian medical centers to accommodate a job for each one of them. Interviews are help and the selected students are offered jobs. Therefore a student might not even be wanted to wait for a day while others may wait for as long as a year to get a suitable job. Some might not even make for a good job under doctors and return back to their country.

What should one do after AMC?

To help nurture a good career in Australia one should always be in touch with good knowledge portals and prepare for a better future. They can take up some intern job or house job after AMC to gain practical knowledge, study some more courses to enhance their profile etc so that they can be the suitable candidates for some organization. is a good website to help you study online and help you solve multiple questions, practical papers, know about vacancies and even connect to helpline and consultants for the best move you should make. One can refer to this website for a good advice.

Apply for Workplace Based Assessment

Often the students who don???t secure a good job after AMC apply for the workplace based assessment. This helps them apply from a different pathway and get suitable score. While there are many AMC candidates being one from a workplace based assessment portal shall work in your favour and help you get selected faster.

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