18 08, 2017

AMC MCQ Recalls from Past Papers

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A 43 year old woman with multiple sclerosis presents for review. She is having increasing problems with painful involuntary contractions of the leg muscles. What is the most appropriate first line therapy? Referral for relaxation therapy Baclofen Diazepam Dantrolene Natalizumab For more AMC Recalls??and AMC exam??preparation material subscribes to www.prepengo.com.??A Real-time preparation for your Australian Medical Council AMC MCQ Exam. Start Preparation Now

19 02, 2017

AMC MCQ Examination Procedures 2017

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Do not bring the following items to the MCQ examination event: tissues (e.g. Kleenex) paper of any kind pens/pencils rulers. Mobile phones must be switched off and placed in the allocated area of the room. Bags must be placed in the allocated area of the room. Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer examination room. The Australian Medical Council??will provide writing paper/whiteboard and a pen for making notes. The writing paper/whiteboard will be collected by examination supervisors at the completion of the examination. Family members are not allowed [...]

16 02, 2017

AMC MCQ Exam – 2017

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The AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Exam is a computer-administered fully integrated multi-choice question examination delivered in one 3.5 hour session in examination centres worldwide. The examination consists of 150 A-type MCQs (one correct response from five options)???120 scored items and 30 (non-scored) pilot items. You are expected to complete all 150 items and must complete the 120 scored items. Failure to complete all 120 scored items in the AMC MCQ Exam may lead to insufficient information for a reliable determination of your ability and therefore a result on [...]

13 02, 2017

AMC Clinical Examinations – Online Scheduling 2017

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Online Scheduling 2017 for the AMC??Clinical examinations February to April 2017 opened last Wednesday (2 November). In order to schedule for these examinations, candidates were required to log into their AMC candidate portal and register for a clinical examination and complete the online payment to confirm the placement in the examination. During this process, the AMC ICT team identified an issue with an extremely high volume of candidates (1,800 hits) accessing the candidate portal. This high volume led to the crash of the server and resulted in many candidates receiving [...]

16 11, 2016

Things to know about AMC MCQ Exam before taking the test.

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If you decided to be a part of the Australian doctor society, you must pass the AMC examination as a part of entering and accreditation process. The AMC has set a number of steps you should accomplish in order to join their health organizations. AMC MCQ exam preparation is obligatory. You must inform yourself about how the process is going. That is why we are here. You should know that the test is consisted of two exams. One is the MCQ test and another one is a clinical exam. After [...]

3 11, 2016

How to prepare for Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Exam?

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If your dream is being a part of the Australian doctor society you must inform yourself how to become one of them. We could help you in achieving your life goal simply by advising you how to make your aspiration into reality. Australian Medical Council (AMC) exam preparation is consisted of few general steps. Prepengo is a platform which helps you understanding the process and familiarize closely on the subject. Initially, you will find suggested books there that could assist your knowledge and skills as well as in understanding the [...]

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