Australian Medical Council is one of the most renowned medical councils with world class facilities and knowledge. The center is known for its prestigious assistance in the health sector. Hence, the students from all over the world try to find their pathway for a career with AMC. However, for the International Medical Graduates i.e. the IMGs the pathway to AMC is a bit complex. One needs to register for the AMC exam, pass its verification and exams and then register with the council to get an entry into Australia as a doctor. Here is the process one has to undergo!

  1. Medical degree from a recognized institution

The first and foremost requirement for appearing in the AMC examinations is being a graduate from a certified Institution, which is recognized by the Australian Medical Council. One can check the official website to find the list of Institutions whose degrees are accepted by the AMC for qualifying to apply for the AMC exams. One must be a medical graduate to apply for the AMC MCQ examinations.

  1. Assessment and evidence of medical degree

Merely displaying a degree with a recognized institution is not enough to be eligible to register with the AMC for exams. The Australian Medical Council scans each application and verifies the degree presented before accepting the application for the exam. This is done by crosschecking the degree with the institutions as this verification is mandated by law. The IMGs are required to apply for the primary source verification and get their degrees verified before filling the form for the AMC examinations.

  1. Application for AMC exams

The documentations required to appear for the AMC examinations are many and one should adhere to the requirements for a hassle free approval of application. The list of documents includes:

  • The Medical graduation degree
  • Primary source verification document
  • Relevant papers of earlier education
  • Copy of personal details
  • Signature pages of passport
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of debit or credit card
  • Declaration to acknowledge the variations of signature
  • Photographs
  1. Approval of the AMC Examinations

After the applications are made within the required date and accepted by the council the students are informed about its acceptance and one’s eligibility to appear for it is known. The students then need to start preparing for the examinations and secure good score to be able to find a suitable job in Australia, which qualifies them to be a part of doctor’s team in Australia.

  1. Complete the AMC preparation

The approval sets you free to work hard and appear for the exams to secure the best marks you can. This is the time for the students to study hard and work towards their goals to achieve the best of marks and get going with the doctor’s position in Australia. is an excellent website that students can refer to for the perfect preparation schedule of the AMC examinations. The website has a lot of past papers and practice papers, a communicative guide, 24*7 guidance on the subjects as well as a fully dedicated portal of reference modules to refer to for best preparation.

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