Australian Medical Council is best known for its healthcare facilities, excellent education system and the medical workforce with a team of talented professionals. Millions of people opt for the Australian Medical healthcare for their treatment and hence there is always a rush for the students thinking of medical career there. The medical career is a promising one accomplishing not just a beautiful environment for work but also giving peace from within. If you are contemplating a medical career in Australia, here is what you need to know!


First things first! The Australian Medical Council exam is just meant for everyone and anyone. It is your skills and knowledge that sets you apart and brings you to be a part of this noble profession. Therefore, here are the eligibility criteria for filtering:

  • Only the IMGs with a primary qualification in medicine and surgery who have been awarded by a training institution, which is recognized, by Australian Medical Council and World Directory of Medical Schools can apply.
  • There are two pathways to the entrance, the candidates must apply from one of the below.
    • Standard pathway (Australian Medical exam): This is an assessment examination especially working for the non-specialists. One needs to clear the AMC CAT MCQ exam and AMC clinical examination.
    • Standard pathway (workplace-based assessment): Here the assessment is made by the AMC CAT MCQ exam??and an office based assessment of the clinical skills. This is done by an AMC accredited authority. Limited applications enter through the assessment program.
  • IMGs applying through the Standard pathway must have completed 12 months of supervised practice in an approved position.

Standard Pathway ??? The AMC exam

The standard pathway through the AMC examination has the following steps:

  1. Apply to the AMC
  2. Australian Medical Council exam preparation with AMC exam books
  3. Primary source verification
  4. Pass the AMC MCQ exam
  5. Clearing AMC Clinical exam and receiving AMC certificate
  6. Finding an employment officer
  7. Application to the Medical Board of Australia for Provisional Registration
  8. Secure an Employment Officer

AMC exam preparation and knowledge

Here are few aspects and fields that IMGs need to be prepared for when working on AMC preparation!

  • AMC exam preparation course
  • English Language
  • Documents of financial requirements
  • AMC-clinical Exam preparation/workplace experience
  • Job opportunities
  • Australian Immigration Policies
  • Knowledge of travel, know-how, and stay

Benefits of working as medical graduates in Australia

Of course, there are special privileges of working as a medical graduate in Australia, check them!

  • High Living standards
  • Unbeatable healthcare facilities
  • High job opportunities
  • Peaceful job and work security
  • Social securities
  • Growth and development

Overseas career options for you

Entering the Australian Medical Council isn???t an easy task and requires a lot of paper work. For the IMGs an Overseas career portal is established to best assist them with the application process of the AMC MCQ preparation, AMC recalls, answers, queries, disputes, job search, CV preparation, interview requirements etc. Doctors here are given opportunities to be working as general practitioners opt for hospital based workers. And the council options provide you with help complying to the Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (HPRA).

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