Students have a tough time when preparing for an examination. The course books, the practice, guidance etc needs to be done to the best so as to secure the best of score. And when we talk about entering the Australian Medical Council through the AMC MCQ examination, the tough becomes toughest.

Australian Medical Council is renowned for promoting the engagement of the international medical graduates and giving them a chance to be a [art of the largest health sector in the world. In this effect it organizes the amc examination which is one of the crucial turning points and a must for the graduates to secure a good position. With a medical graduation degree in hand and the right score in the AMC examination a medical student can get a desired position in one of the renowned hospitals in Australia. Therefore it is important to prepare well for the exams. Here are the few things that students can take help from!

The AMC Exam Books from Famous Scholars

There are a range of amc exam books available on the course that is required to be studied for the amc examinations. To secure better marks one should refer to the best options available. And thus choose the right books for the right subjects. Here are some of the references to make.

  • Main text book: John Murtagh 5th edition book is the one that the student should refer for the main concepts and pointers. This edition helps in knowing the finer concepts and refines your knowledge.
  • Guideline: For the paediatric guideline the RCH is the best choice. It helps get insights in pointers as well as shape your learning skills. One should although refer to more books than this one.
  • Text Book: The surgery text book to refer from is Scott. Chosen as one of the best books for the references by major doctors, this book has all the knowledge you need.

How to Study for AMC MCQ Exam

For best amc mcq exam preparation, a student needs to pay unhindered attention to the subjects in their entirety. The practical and the theory must be given an equal importance and thus one should ensure that they have at least one year of clinical working experience. The reference from the guidance books and the follow up of practice papers help in preparing for the exams. However the students can also take up the help of the ready guides and preparation partners who excel in their field to help the students learn the subjects well.

Guidance and Practice Papers is a revolutionary website for the students undergoing amc exam preparations. This website hosts about a range of book references, question papers, mock tests, practice papers and more so that students can have a worthy time solving the papers and get a first hand idea of how the exam is going to be like. This helps in preparing them better for the exam and finding the right guidance in one portal. One can take the help of experts as well as learn on their own through this website to score good marks. 

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