If you decided to be a part of the Australian doctor society, you must pass the AMC examination as a part of entering and accreditation process. The AMC has set a number of steps you should accomplish in order to join their health organizations.

AMC MCQ exam preparation is obligatory. You must inform yourself about how the process is going. That is why we are here. You should know that the test is consisted of two exams. One is the MCQ test and another one is a clinical exam. After passing the MCQ test you are ready to continue the process by preparing yourself for the next clinical test. The dates for clinical examination are held in both weekdays and Saturdays in case there of an individual from different religion or others beliefs. You can check available dates for taking the exam on the official AMC website.

AMC MCQ exam online preparation is a big plus. Prepengo allows you to understand the upcoming process and at the same time informing you of the examination activity and most important, your knowledge and skills. You can easily access the various sample questions with this web based test system, which gives you a virtual perspective of the real test. Keep in mind that questions are similar to the real ones but they are not exactly the same.  You can purchase recommended books from the AMC online store. Books are excellent and they will help you in passing the test in an easier and more relaxing way.  You should know that you can also find additional journals from any medical field which would be a good addition to your learning. There are specified guide booklets for both MCQ and clinical examination. These guidelines and specifications will assist individuals in their examination procedure.

AMC CAT MCQ trial examination is a regular procedure during all these activities. This test is created of 50 MCQ from the given book in AMC store called “Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions”.

AMC exam preparation course is available to all candidates. It will certainly meet their needs for the final examination.

Additional tip is that you must apply English certification. If you don’t posses any, you should prepare yourself to get one cause it is a must have proficiency. This is rule set by Australian Medical Board. You should also be interested in fees and charges in order to complete all your documentation and registration. They are listed in the AMC official website.  Our advice is that you must be patient because the approval for the application process takes 3-5 working days, but it may take longer if there are some unforeseen circumstances. Do not be worried if your papers are not complete. You will be notified by AMC to add some extra licenses in order to complete your final portfolio. You have a reachable staff support that will answer all your questions about this accreditation system.

We wish a good luck to all the candidates who will apply for AMC MCQ Exam. May your evaluation and recognition standards obtain a positive feedback from the AMC expert team and institutions and from accreditation agencies too.

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