The AMC MCQ examination is a comprehensive examination of medical knowledge and practice. The AMC suggests that candidates should undertake a review of the major topics covered in the examination.

The overall goal of basic medical education is defined by the AMC as follows: “to develop junior doctors who possess attributes that will ensure that they are competent to practice safely and effectively as interns in Australia or New Zealand, and that they have an appropriate foundation for lifelong learning and for further training in any branch of medicine.”

There are many ways to prepare for AMC, different people prefer different books and materials, so at the end, it all depends on you, and how you want to do it. Once you start preparing, you will surely figure out what exactly is to be done.

Here are some step by step tips to pass AMC MCQ Exam:

  • The first thing one should do is to go through the AMC Multiple Choice Questions. To get an idea about the pattern of question they ask in the exam. Don???t rely on too many books.
  • Next thing is to understand the practice pattern. Practice managing time by using real-time with AMC MCQ preparation tool like Prepengo.
  • Now after understanding and practicing for the AMC MCQ Exam one should cross-check their answers. People who manage the time will pass the exam, as the statement questions are very lengthy. So one has concentrate and need to behave as fast as possible.
  • Thus, try to read the questions quickly and highlight the important points, so that you can???t miss any of the questions and answer them properly without consuming a lot of time.
  • Keep a watch on the forms for registration, outlines, syllabus and other details issued by the authorities so that you are always aware of the forms that are required to be filled as well as the AMC exam preparation course, rules and regulations, additions or deletions related to your exam. This will help you to save more time for other important things against the less needed ones.
  • Try to finish and attend as many as MCQ???s possible. When you are going through this practice try to Recalls as well. Recalls will help you to keep you on the track, but they are not exact recollection of the questions asked in AMC MCQ Examination, even though still it???s very helpful.
  • The most important thing is to prepare well. These procedures are somewhere different from schools or courses in different circumstances.
  • This paper will outline some issues involved in assessing submissions in the latter two categories, that is, major changes to existing courses, and new medical school programs.

Now, if someone wants to read some comprehensive notes for AMC MCQ exam preparation, Prepango is very helpful. Very few people know about this kit. These are supplementary, well written, to the point and in a question and answer manner.

Passing AMC MCQ exam isn???t easy but when you give a hardcore AMC MCQ exam preparation you shall secure the position in the first attempt itself!