Growth opportunities with ultra-modern life in a high-class health sector are attracting medical professional to Australia. However, securing a position in any of the Australian clinic or hospital isn???t east at all for International Medical Graduates. All of the IMGs willing to be a part of AMC must need to pass the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Examination, which is so far the toughest medical exam to clear. We???ve gathered a couple of tips for you which might help you in passing the AMC exam.

A year of Clinical Working Experience

When you are preparing for the AMC exam, practical knowledge will help you a lot, making it easy for you to grab the subjects better. The working experience puts theories into practice thus making the topics more understandable.

Reference Books for Varied Subjects

Not all books will be suitable for all type of students but for AMC exam here???s a list of certain books which will help you score some good numbers in the AMC exam.

  • John Murtagh???s 5th
  • The RCH for Pediatric Guidelines, but do remember that only one book reference might not be enough.
  • Scott for Surgery.
  • AMC II part exam: There is a range of clinical handbooks available to be studied and solved by the students to clear the??AMC exam. This handbook has all that a student needs for the part II.

Past Papers & Mock Tests

Past papers and Mock Test are very helpful for understanding the exam pattern and guidelines of any exam. For the AMC exam past papers and mock test helps students to practice timed questions & responses in order to complete the final AMC exam in the given 3.5 hours.

Guidance from AMC Examination Past Students

Another great tip to prepare for the AMC exam is to interact with past students. It is always good to seek help & suggestions from those who have already attempted the AMC exam. They might give you an insight of how the exam is conducted, the problems they might have faced, personal experiences, tips, and tricks to manage time or to write the exam within the given time. Therefore, interact with some past candidate to get a guidance from them to appear in the AMC exam.

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