AMC exam Books are basically ordinary books covering medical topics. Though there are some books also referred to as AMC exam Books, which consist of AMC MCQ samples. But they are not as effective as Online AMC Exam preparations are. We, in this article, will talk about the AMC exam books that cover medical subjects and topics that are required for a capable doctor to be aware of and to be learnt from.

So, talking about these AMC exam books and Online AMC exam Preparation, we will tell you how you can benefit from it and why it is more effective to use both – AMC exam books and Online AMC Exam preparation.

If you have noticed we have section called AMC Useful resources on Prepengo. It basically gives you an insight into useful resources and gives you and overview of how to start studying for AMC exam preparation.

What actually happens here on Prepengo is that you sign up, and try prepengo free test drive. Which lets you take an AMC exam preparation by asking some AMC MCQ questions which might be seen or has been asked in previous AMC exams.

Afterwards, when you took the free Test Drive. You may join the AMC Exam Preparation Program which will require the user to pay a fee.

What to look for before AMC exam books?

By now assuming that you have tried the free test drive on Prepengo. You may, join the program. Where Prepengo will keep you updated with your progress over the course of time and also recommend you the AMC exam Books required to score better. These AMC exam books are recommended by professional in medical field. And with many more stuff, Prepengo also provides detailed explanation on the topics and questions ask. The best thing it you will be accessing this all via customized dashboard for your profile and you can change the difficulty level, pause resume and analyze and go through the reports.

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