AMC Course Outline

Many people who want to take an AMC exam have problems with the start point, learning and exam preparing organization and learning resources searching. Prepengo is online software for helping AMC MCQ exam preparing and knowledge assessment. It is useful in each step of Standard Pathway passing of AMC from getting to know the information about documents and procedures that candidates for future Australian Medical Doctors need. Experienced people have formed a team who made a bank of questions based on medical books, journals and other resources available for AMC preparing.

Nowadays there are hundreds of quality questions managed by experienced Medical Doctors who work in Australia many years. Each answer is revised by two physicians and all the questions and answers are checked according to resources and secure. Before subscribing to Prepengo there is a free trial to attract new customers who have to ensure its value. For the first time subscribers after paying by Paypal or Credit Card there is a discount promo code of 15% mentioned in your welcome email. After subscribing customers can choose subjects, types of questions and mode for exams.

There are two modes – tutor mode and timed mode. In tutor mode there are explanations after each questions and the time of practicing is unlimited.. Timed mode is like a virtual test with timer with answers and explanations at the time of getting the results in the end. Reviewing and re-answering questions is unlimited. Customers can experience a real feel of testing before their exam which can improve future results. During the whole process of learning there is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week customers support.