How to qualify for AMC exam?

First of all each candidate must have an AMC number. Excellent English language knowledge is also obligatory for everybody getting in this process. New candidates should make their own online account. Candidates submit throw account all the requested data (photo, contact number, e-mail) and documents including passport or driving licence with signature and primary qualification diploma in medicine or surgery issued by university recognized by AMC.

Primary qualification diploma is a 4-year faculty diploma like entry medical course with 12 month internship following it or 5 or 6-year faculty diploma in medicine. All the documents should be officially translated in English, legal and maximum A3 sized. It is very important to check if the medical faculty that candidate has finished is on the list of recognizable medical schools on AMC website.

After diploma’s verification candidates pass throw so called standard pathway of two-part AMC examination. After filling in all the forms it takes 3 to 5 days for application proceeding. Authorisation for AMC exam scheduling follows the application process and paying fees. Authorisation covers a 12-month period when candidates can choose a date for scheduling an exam. After choosing a date candidates get a ticket for entering the exam. Chosen date can be changed before the deadline and it can be cancelled only in special circumstances. Some countries need visa for Australia and it is not a AMC business so all the candidates have to check themselves their country’s status on Department of Immigration and Citizenship website or contact Australian Embassy.