Useful Resources

Experienced physicians recommend a 4 to 6 month period for AMC MCQ exam preparing. There are many high quality medical books covering main subjects and areas of questions:

  1. Medicine: Davison’s Principle and Practice of Medicine, Harrison’s Internal Medicine,
  2. Surgery: Baily and Love’s Short Practice on Surgery,
  3. Children’s Health: Nelson’s Textbook of Paediatrics,
  4. Women’s Health: Williams Gynaecology,
  5. Mental Health: Kaplan and Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry,
  6. Population Health: general practice guidelines.

Besides those excellent and popular more subject oriented books, all the candidates should first learn and read a few times three books: General Practice and Patient education from John Murtagh and Clinical Examination from Taily and O’Conor.

Of course, many other general practice and therapeutic guidelines can be useful during AMC exam preparing. Some journals such as Australian Family Physician, Australian Prescriber, British Medical Journal, British Journal of Hospital Medicine, Lancet Current Therapeutics, Medical Journal of Australia and New England Journal of Medicine.

During journal reading, candidates should focus on review articles, annotations and editorials. MCQ exam questions are formed mainly from the books but other resources are useful for deeper knowledge and expanded view of Medical Doctors.

MCQ exam question bank resources such as Prepengo are the best resource at the second step of exam preparing. The second step begins after finishing learning from recommended books. There is a need of some kind of virtual exam at that time so question bank is a must. Question bank is made from recommended books as resources. Anyhow those books are literature for medical faculty exams in most of the countries worldwide.

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