What is AMC?

AMC (Australian Medical Council) examination is organized to define a medical knowledge and clinical skills of medical graduates worldwide whose medical degrees are not recognised by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). AMC exam includes two parts:

  1. Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) examination,
  2. Clinical examination a clinical and communication skills three to four hours test.

Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) examination is computer-based test. It includes 150 A-type multiple-choice questions with five options from A to E, among which only one is correct. Questions may include only text or text with pictures, X-rays etc. Answer has to be selected before moving to the next question and all the questions must have answers at the end. If there is even a single question left without answer it will have impact on the test result.

Graduate may fail the test due to providing insufficient data. 120 of those questions are scored and 30 questions are pilot non-scored.

All the questions are divided into six parts:

  1. Adult health-medicine with 35 questions
  2. Adult health-surgery with 25 questions
  3. Women’s health with 15 questions
  4. Child’s health with 15 questions
  5. Mental health with 15 questions
  6. Population health with 15 questions

Questions are focused on basic and applied medical knowledge with the aim to assess the graduate’s understand of disease process, clinical examination, diagnosing, therapy and management plans. The test begins after two pilot questions and lasts 3.5 hours. During the whole testing period there are a timer and a question number shown in the top-right corner. If there is a time left after answering all the questions, they can be reviewed and answers can be checked.

For more information, please visit AMC official website.